What makes us different

Sales & Marketing Expertise

Our sales and marketing expertise will help your company to take your products and promote them in an effective way to resellers and achieve excellent sales results. Our knowledge in market research expertise will allow us to collect information from retailers and end users for you to improve current and upcoming products.

Storage & Logistics

Working with a distributor benefits your company from a significant amount of storage space without the need to invest in physical premises to store your products. We also have established and reliable logistics to move products quickly and cost effectively.

Quick route to market

We can help you take your product to market at a greater speed, so your brand reaches customers faster. We can quickly ensure your products have a national or global coverage and helping your business to maximize sales potential and profitability.



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    About Us

    Trusted distributors with solid relationships with resellers and retailers. We are here to help you quickly promote and sell your products accross multiple markets.

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    2086 SW 176th Ave.   
    Miramar, FL 33029
    Phone: 954-637-6286


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